Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Angry bird Magnets

My daughter and husband are crazy about this game.So I try to make some of them.I made the base with magnet on them.


Dr Sonia S V said...

I have not played the game but have seen many photos-- good cute quilling


Katrin said...

Как забавно и очень мило!!!

Creative Thinker said...

Thanks Dr.Sonia.
@Katrin,welcome to my blog.I cannot understand your laungage,but I am sure it must be nice thanks alot.

Nati said...

Very creative!
Nati from Brazil

Lekha justin said...

So creative the angry birds..!

Creative Thinker said...

Thanks Lekha.
@Nati,Welcome to my blog.Thanks a lot for your kind words.Its a honor to have an accomplished quiller like you to view my blog:)

Jani Lewis said...

I love them! Very creative!


Creative Thinker said...

Thanks Jani,
I am glad that u like my creations.